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Brand Identity & Development - The Intersection of Publicity & Marketing

What you want to say and who you want to say it to are the two most important parts of growing a business and developing a communications strategy. How you relay and portray your brand values in the marketplace will define what customers and consumers you will attract and how they will engage with your brand. We can help you explore, build, revisit, plan and execute communications strategies that will build loyalty, attract new business, and establish brand awareness. 

Targeted Marketing

Meeting your customer where they are is crucial for any business, and our greatest strength. In working with you to develop, plan and execute comprehensive social media strategies, working with community partners, local, regional and national charities, media partners, press, influencers, and other tactics for targeted demographic and geographic marketing, we will make sure your brand connects on the personal level, at the national level. 

Media & Influencer Relations

In leading media and influencer relations for a wide variety of clients in the beauty, toy, entertainment, LGBT and non-profit industries, we work with key members of the press, local, regional, and national, and celebrity or instagram influencers, to make sure everyone knows why you and your product are important to them and worth talking about.

About Us


Ross had the good fortune of being mentored by one of the greatest. Jane McEntyre was an industry veteran and PR maven who helped launch the Caboodles Brand and get many unknown beauty brands national exposure. Following closely in her footsteps, Ross Schwartz has the same unrelenting zeal and knowledge of the industry that helps get his clients noticed…Ross is particularly adept at using new media to bring his clients national acclaim. 

- Christina Hane
Director, Communications & P.R. Yves Rocher North America (2014)

Working with Ross Schwartz was an incredible experience. He skillfully and gracefully managed dozens of simultaneous projects, led our creative campaigns, working with press, youth participants, influencers, organizational stakeholders, and staff, to execute whatever needed to get done.

- Soraya Elcock

Chief Strategic Officer, Hetrick-Martin Institute, 2016

Connecting People, Ideas & Resources

The myriad partners and people who make any project or idea successful are many and varied. No one formula applies to every project. That's where we come in. Utilizing an existing extensive network of resources and exploring creative and distinct ways for sharing your company with the public, we help connect the wide array of dots that build a brand and compel buzz from start to finish. Graphic designers, video producers, social media experts, speech coaches, event spaces, corporate sponsors, bloggers, stylists, influencers, politicians, and on and on... we know how to find and collaborate with the right people for you.

Earned, Not Purchased

Through years of doing this, we know how to keep costs down and maximize impact. If you want help buying advertising or paid social media promotions or ads, exploring and negotiating other paid marketing opportunities and the like, we can do that too and have wide-ranging experience with it! But from the start, we will work together to make sure you are always getting the most bang for your buck... That's why you're paying us!


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